Pedestrian Struck, Another Killed Crossing El Cajon

November 28, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

25-year-old Melissa N. Ferreira was killed in a tragic car wreck that occurred on November 19, 2011, around 2 a.m. in front of the El Cajon Grand Bar on Main Street. According to El Cajon police officers, a man and woman were struck by a Mitsubishi Montero going westbound in front of the bar.

Ferreira suffered fatal blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead at the accident scene. The male pedestrian suffered non-life threatening injuries and was immediately taken to nearby hospital for treatment.

The SUV’s driver stopped immediately following the crash and was cooperating with investigators. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the deceased pedestrian. From the available information, it is unclear what led to this serious pedestrian accident. The accident is still under investigation. Alcohol and drugs were not a factor.

The deceased’s family members should immediately seek counsel from an experienced San Diego County car crash lawyer who would educate them about their legal rights and help them obtain compensation to cover the burial and burial costs, loss of anticipated earnings, and other accident-related damages. The injured pedestrian may also file a personal injury claim to obtain compensation to cover treatment, medical and hospital costs.

Our law office sends our condolences to Ferreira’s family and hope that the injuries suffered by the other pedestrian heal soon.

Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Caused by Unlicensed Driver

October 23, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

A mother and her 4-year-old child were struck and injured by a car driven by an unlicensed car driver in Santa Ana on the morning of October 20, 2010. Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said that this Orange County auto accident occurred along the 1200 block of East McFadden Avenue, near Grand Avenue in Santa Ana, approximately 125 miles north of San Diego.

Eric Christopher Woodward, 39, driving a Ford Crown Victoria, veered onto the sidewalk and hit the mother and crushed the child. The impact of the car crash was so strong that both the mother and child were thrown about 20 feet into the air. Bertagna said that the child suffered critical injuries and the mother suffered a broken shoulder.

Woodward lost control of the vehicle, perhaps due to experiencing a grand mal seizure, and in an effort to compensate the curve he struck both the mother and the child leaving them seriously injured. Bertgana said that Woodward was unlicensed due to his propensity to experience seizures. Fortunately, Woodward and his mother riding as her passenger escaped unhurt.

The injured victims can seek a personal injury claim from Woodward to cover the medical costs, loss of wages, cost of hospitalization, and other accident related damages. With the assistance from an experienced Orange County car accident lawyer, the injured victims can know their legal rights and obtain timely compensation.

We sincerely hope and pray that both mother and child did not suffer ant catastrophic injuries and that their injuries heal completely.

Woman Dies In Linda Vista Pedestrian Accident

October 5, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

57-year-old Tina Vang was struck and killed in a San Diego car crash that occurred on June 18, 2011, around 9:50 p.m. in the 7700 block of Linda Vista Road. According to San Diego Police Officer David Stafford, Vang was crossing the street to her car when she was struck by a Chevrolet Impala traveling southbound on Linda Vista Road.

Vang was immediately transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment, where she was later pronounced dead. An investigation is on to determine the exact cause of the accident. It would be interesting for the investigating officers to determine whether the motorist was speeding, distracted, driving under the influence of drugs, or was talking on the phone.

If it is found that the motorist was speeding or driving negligently, then he may be held liable for the victim’s wrongful death. The victim’s family members should consult with a San Diego pedestrian accident lawyer who would assure that the at-fault party is held liable and brought to justice. Vang’s family members may be eligible to obtain compensation to cover funeral and burial costs, loss of love, care and companionship, and other accident-related damages.

Our law office offers sincere condolences to all those who knew and loved Vang for such a heart rendering loss.

Chula Vista Pedestrian Accident Injures Partygoer

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One person suffered serious injuries when he was struck by Juan Zermano, 23, with his car outside a party in Chula Vista around 1 a.m. on October 3, 2010. According to the Chula Vista Police, Zermano was arrested on suspicion of felony drunken driving and assault with a deadly weapon. This Chula Vista pedestrian accident occurred near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Moss Street in Chula Vista, a city in South San Diego County.

Chula Vista police Lt. Fritz Reber said that a 16-year-old boy, who was part of an argument, called his brother, Zermano, to pick him up. Zermano picked up his brother and others and drove away from the argument. He then made a sudden U-turn, drove up on the curb, and struck the victim badly.

The injured victim was taken to UCSD Medical Center for treatment from where he was released after two hours. If Zermano is determined to have been at fault in this case, then he could face not only criminal DUI charges and charges of assault with a deadly weapon (using his truck as a tool to attack and strike the victim), but could also be held financially responsible for the injuries and damages he caused. The injured victim could seek compensation to cover medical expenses, loss of earnings, cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation, and other related damages. In addition, if the accident was deemed intentional, then the injured victim might be entitled to punitive damages from Zermano.

We sincerely hope and pray that the injured victim did not suffer any catastrophic injuries and recovers to his health soon.

Three La Jolla Teens Hurt By Suspected Drunk Driver in San Diego Pedestrian Accident

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Ronald Troyer, 67, a suspected drunken, injured three teenagers who were walking on the sidewalk in La Jolla on August 21, 2010 around 6:30 p.m. San Diego authorities reported that the three teens, Alani Agurre, 14, Miles Ploger, and Ian Brininstool, whose ages are not known, were walking on La Jolla Boulevard when a speeding Chrysler New Yorker hit them. Two more teenagers walking with them, fortunately, escaped unhurt.

Alani Agurre was carried for about twenty yards on the top of the car’s hood before he was thrown into the glass window of Cass Street Café and was pinned underneath the car. Agurre sustained serious injuries, including a broken arm and a broken pelvis. All three of the teenagers were immediately transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Troyer was arrested later and charged with felony drunk driving causing injury. A complete investigation is being carried out to know the exact cause of this crash. Troyer has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. It will not be a surprise if he is found to be driving under the influence of any one of these.

Under California law, it is unlawful for anyone to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of any drug or alcohol per California Vehicle Code Section 23152(a). Therefore, the injured teenagers are entitled for a compensation to cover the cost of treatment of injuries, cost of hospitalization, and other related damages. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the injuries is very high in this accident. Troyer, who has a history of past drunk driving arrests and is believed to be homeless, probably does not have adequate insurance to pay for the injuries he has caused. The children’s families would be well advised to confer with an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney.

Los Angeles Boy Killed As He Crosses Street

August 13, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

A Southern California boy was killed last week when he was crossing a street in Los Angeles. The 14-year-old boy from Inglewood named Semaj Spencer was the tragic victim of this hit and run pedestrian accident. The suspect of the death has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter and a felony count of leaving the scene of an accident.

Prosecutors in the case note that 40-year-old Andre Thompson of South Los Angeles had also been charged on Thursday with driving under a suspended or revoked license, which is considered a misdemeanor in California. Thompson has pleaded not guilty to his charges in an Inglewood Superior Court, however. He also reportedly turned himself into the police earlier this week and was subsequently arrested in the death of young Semaj Spencer. The teen boy was struck by the vehicle and killed last Sunday when he crossed the road at Imperial Highway in Los Angeles.

If you or a loved one has ever been injured or killed in a Los Angeles hit and run car accident, contact Los Angeles car accident lawyer and the other Los Angeles injury lawyers.

Toddler Killed in San Diego Pedestrian Accident

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A three-year-old visiting San Diego for a family event wandered into traffic on Nimitz Boulevard recently, where he suffered fatal injuries after being struck by an oncoming pickup truck, according to a recent article from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The young boy was visiting San Diego with his family, residents of New Mexico, to celebrate the graduation of a family member from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Around 7:30 p.m., the boy wandered out of his family’s hotel room and toward the road. He stepped into the traffic lanes on Nimitz Boulevard near the Rosecrans Street intersection. Unfortunately, the driver of an oncoming Toyota pickup truck struck the boy, causing serious injuries.

Bystanders called emergency medical services, which rushed the toddler to a nearby children’s hospital. The boy passed away in the hospital’s intensive care unit about six hours later. The driver of the pickup truck stopped at the scene and answered police questions. Police have not said whether he was at fault for the fatal car accident or whether criminal charges will be filed.

Car accidents can cause serious injuries, especially to children. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a car accident, the skilled CA child injury accident attorneys can help you with a wide range of tasks, from figuring out what happened to holding any negligent parties accountable for the harm their actions caused. To discuss your situation with us, call today for a free consultation.

4-Year-Old Child Hit in Carlsbad Pedestrian Accident

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On the evening of July 7, 2009, a 4-year-old girl from Carlsbad was hit by a car and flown to San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital after the accident to treat serious injuries.

Carlsbad fire Battalion Chief Mike Lopez reported that it had happened on the 3400 block of Monroe Street just near Carlsbad High School. The girl suffered from a broken leg when she was boarded onto the medical helicopter to be flown in for treatment, but that at the time she was conscious and alert.

The motor vehicle and pedestrian collision was ruled an accident, and the driver was not arrested. The girl was hit while chasing a ball out into the street as a northbound Chevrolet Suburban was approaching and struck her leg. As of last Wednesday, she was doing okay in the hospital.

Florida Woman Killed in Santa Barbara Pedestrian Accident

June 1, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Garcia Flores, 47-years old of Florida, was killed in a Santa Barbara pedestrian accident at Coast Village Road on May 27, 2010. Flores was walking across an intersection when she was hit by a mini-van.

The mini-van was driven by a 17 -year old driver who lost control of his van and struck Flores badly, throwing her more than a few feet away towards the intersection of Coast Village and Butterfly Lane, where she died immediately. The teenager told Police Officers that his van suddenly started to veer to the right, and when he tried hitting the brakes, they didn’t work. He says that is when the van jumped the curb and hit Flores. Officials found drug paraphernalia and marijuana in the teen’s minivan, but it is not certain that he was under influence of any drug or alcohol.

We offer our condolences to Flores’s family and friends for such an irreparable and tragic loss. If the teenager is found to be under the influence of drugs, we hope that he is prosecuted as an adult to the fullest extent of the law. Regardless, if the accident was caused by the teenage driver, we hope that Flores’s family consults with a personal injury attorney and obtains key advice as to how to balance the scales of justice in this case. They will never be made whole—Flores is dead and cannot be brought back—but the civil justice system can at least help minimize some of the loss.

Buena Park Pedestrian Accident Injures Orange County Teen

May 21, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

A teenager was injured on Tuesday in Buena Park when he was stuck by a 1996 Ford Ranger. The injuries are believed to be minor to moderate. The teenager sustained some cuts and abrasions and was treated at a local emergency and discharged.

The accident happened at Knott Avenue south of the 91 Freeway around at 9:12 p.m. Buena Park Sgt. Bill Kohanek stated that the 17-year old teenager was running towards a van parked on Knott Avenue that was about to pick him up. He was accompanied by another teen and both boys were returning to the van after doing door-to-door sales. The other teen made it to the van but the second boy was struck by the truck. The van was scheduled to take them home somewhere in the Los Angeles area.

Police are still investigating the pedestrian accident.

Our office wishes the teen boy a speedy recovery and a healthy life ahead. We should all be more careful and aware of our surroundings while walking on the road as we are more vulnerable to injuries from drivers who may not be looking out for pedestrians or bicyclists. Drivers should also drive slow and carefully in residential and highly populated areas.