San Diego Bicyclist Dies on North Torrey Pines Road

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An elderly man cycling in San Diego County died last week while out on his ride. His identity had not yet been released, but he was known to have been riding his bicycle south along North Torrey Pines Road when he died, and had apparently experienced a medical problem, which was to blame for his death, according to San Diego Police Department officers who reported on the matter.

Police had received a call around 10:45 a.m. the day of the accident last week about a solo bicycle accident along North Torrey Pines Road just north of Callan Road, and found the man alone and on the pavement when they arrived. The official cause of death is still pending an autopsy to be conducted by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

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San Diego City Council Takes on Pedicab Accidents and Injuries

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The highly publicized death of a San Diego tourist by a pedicab driver last month has given way to new regulations being put in place on pedicab drivers by the San Diego City Council, who met on Tuesday, July 28, 2009, to re-regulate many of the rules.

The council approved a long list of changes that they find will help to improve safety as well as protect the customers. The Council also was adamant that they were not done with the regulations, and would be making more as they continued to research and find what was best to improve the entire oversight.

New regulations will cap the number of pedicabs allowed to operate in high-traffic zones and will require drivers to display fares in a prominent location. It will also ban the three-wheeled bikes from sidewalks and streets with speed limits of more than 25 mph, unless they safely use a bicycle lane. They will no longer be allowed to take up metered parking space and must carry proof of insurance and require their passengers to wear seat belts. All regulations will be taking effect in 30 days.

Many pedicab owners are very upset about the new laws, as it is projected to hurt their business by having to cut their workers by as much as 60 percent. Currently, 430 pedicabs are legally registered to operate in San Diego, and 817 people have received operator permits to drive the pedicabs within the past year. You can read more about the San Diego City Council’s hearing and proposed new laws to regulate pedicab safety in this story.

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San Diego Boy Hospitalized After San Marcos Scooter Crash

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A 12-year-old San Diego County boy ran a stop sign while riding a scooter, which resulted in a minivan vs. scooter accident in San Marcos, producing devastating results. A sheriff’s deputy reported that the boy was airlifted to San Diego’s Rady’s Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The boy had been riding the popular Razor scooter along with two other boys on Pommel Way southbound at 7:45 p.m. on July 25, 2009, when they went through a stop sign at Palomarcos Avenue, and he collided with a minivan that was crossing through the intersection at the time. The driver of the minivan had attempted to avoid collision, swerving and successfully missing the first two boys, but struck the third, inducing a serious head injury and possible traumatic brain injury (TBI) to him.

Father of Chula Vista Girl May Face Charges in San Diego Trolley Accident

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Earlier this week, we posted a story about this fatal San Diego trolley accident in Chula Vista where 4 year-old Veronica Ramirez was killed. She had been riding on a bicycle with her father when they approached the trolley crossing at L Street. According to witnesses, the guard arms were down and the warning lights were flashing when Veronica’s father decided to ride around the guard arms in front of the oncoming trolley.

It wasn’t a contest.

Veronica was airlifted to Rady’s Children’s Hospital in Kearny Mesa to treat her ultimately fatal traumatic brain injury (TBI) and head injury. Her father was taken via ambulance to treat a fractured pelvis.

San Diego Border Patrol Agent Shot in Chula Vista Attack

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Last Friday, federal investigators were on a mad hunt to find the suspect involved in the shooting of a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was shot in the head in Chula Vista. Unfortunately, the suspect has left only a confusing trail of evidence.

Agent Robert Rosas, a 30-year-old married father of two was killed around 9 p.m. last Thursday when responding alone to a suspected border incursion near Campo, a town in rural, arid terrain in southeastern San Diego County. He was shot in the head and in the body and was dead by the time backup agents arrived, according to Keith Slotter, a special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Diego bureau.

Orange County Jury Awards Injured Construction Supervisor $4.7 Million After Being Struck by Commercial Truck

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Orange County Jury Awards Injured Worker $4.7 Million After Being Hit by Commercial Truck

On July 28, 2009, an Orange County jury awarded a severely injured construction supervisor $4.7 million after he was struck by a commercial truck while supervising the installation of a natural gas pipeline in Orange County. The 36 year old man was left with severe injuries that made him disabled and restricted his physical abilities.

The underlying commercial truck accident occurred on December 8, 2006, while the plaintiff was supervising the installation of a natural gas pipeline when he was struck by a Chevrolet Tahoe driven by an employee of the defendant making a lunch delivery. The defendant was a franchisee of three El Pollo Loco restaurants. The defendant driver had pulled from a stop sign into the intersection in front of an approaching Toyota 4-Runner. Neither driver saw the other before the collision. After both vehicles struck each other, the Chevy was propelled into the plaintiff, causing severe injury, including a shear fracture of the pelvis and a massive injury to the left shoulder. Total medical care costs exceeded $405,000 and the plaintiff lost $63,000 in income. He underwent three surgeries to stabilize his pelvis and beat two separate bouts of MERSA following the surgeries.

As a result of the accident, the plaintiff was forced to give up his field supervisor position in favor of a sedentary job as an estimator for underground construction. There was no claim for future medical care since the experts on both sides agreed that no medical treatment would improve the plaintiff’s condition. The medical evidence was also largely undisputed. The plaintiff was relegated to a largely sedentary lifestyle following the auto accident. He could not lift over 20 pounds, had difficulty walking over half a mile, and could not sit or stand for prolonged periods. Prior to the car accident, plaintiff was in excellent health and had a very active lifestyle with his wife and two children.

The defendant driver pointed the finger at the driver of the 4-Runner and did not take responsibility for his own role in the accident.

After a jury trial, the jury rejected the argument that the driver of the 4-Runner was negligent and concluded that it was not reasonable for him to anticipate that the driver of the Chevy would enter the intersection when it was unsafe. The jury awarded over $405,000 for past medical costs, past wage loss of over $63,000, past “pain and suffering” of $2,000,000, and future “pain and suffering” of $2,250,000 for the remaining 40 years of plaintiff’s life.

Congratulations to the plaintiff on receiving a fantastic and well-deserved victory. We wish him and his family the best in the future.

Valley Center Man Killed in San Diego County Bicycle Accident

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On July 21, 2009, a bicyclist was fatally injured on a rural road in North San Diego County when the bike he was riding was struck by a pickup truck.

The victim, Angel Guadalupe Galvez, 37, had been cycling southbound along Cole Grade Road in Valley Center as the 1992 Chevrolet pickup approached from behind, around 8:15 a.m. according to California Highway Patrol. As the driver tried to pass Galvez just by Fruitvale Road, the struck intercepted the bicycle. Medics that had arrived on the scene took Galvez to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, where Galvez, a Valley Center resident, was pronounced dead a short time later.

4 Year Old Killed, Father Injured, After Bicycle Hit by Trolley

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A 4 year-old girl, identified as Veronica Ramirez, was killed and her 34 year-old father injured when the bicycle they were riding was struck by a San Diego trolley in Chula Vista on July 26, 2009.

The Chula Vista bicycle accident occurred on westbound L Street near Industrial Boulevard. According to witnesses, the trolley signals were already activated and the barriers were lowered when the young man attempted to cross the tracks as the trolley approached. The trolley struck the bicyclists, sending them flying about 40 feet.

The young girl was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital but died a short time later from her head injury. Her father was taken to UCSD Medical Center with a broken hip and internal injuries.

San Diego Families May Be Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

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Disabled Californians who qualify may receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits from the federal Social Security Administration (SSA) may also find that their family members qualify for benefit payments in certain circumstances. However, the total amount of benefits family members can receive due to another family member’s disability are typically capped.

Benefits may be available to certain family members, including:

  • Spouse: Your spouse may be able to receive benefits once he or she reaches age 62, or if he or she is caring for your child under age 16, or your disabled child of any age.
  • Former spouse: A former spouse may qualify for benefits based on your work record if you were married at least 10 years, the former spouse is at least 62 years old, and the former spouse is unmarried and does not qualify for benefits on his or her own work record.
  • Children: Children, stepchildren, and adopted children may qualify for benefits under your name if they are under age 18, under age 20 and in college, and unmarried.
  • Disabled children or adult children: Children who are disabled before age 22 may qualify for benefits under their own name, regardless of whether they became disabled before or after they reached legal adulthood. Before age 22, a young person does not need to have a work record in order to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.

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El Cajon Hit-and-Run Leaves Bicyclist in Hospital

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A hit-and-run accident in El Cajon recently sent an injured bicyclist to the hospital and police on a search for the driver involved in the accident, according to a recent article from UT San Diego.

The bicyclist had just left a house on Sumner Avenue when he tried to cross the street at the Oro Street intersection. According to witnesses, the driver of a car traveling down Sumner Avenue did not stop in time to avoid hitting the bicyclist.

The man was knocked off the bicycle and onto the side of the road. Witnesses reported that another person got out of the passenger seat of the vehicle and checked on the bicyclist briefly before getting back in the car and leaving. The driver was not seen getting out of the car.

The injured bicyclist was taken to a local hospital for treatment of traumatic brain injuries and fractured ribs. Investigators did not say whether or not the bicyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the California bicycle accident. Traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent disabilities, including difficulties with memory, concentration, communication, learning disabilities, and chronic head pain, balance problems, or difficulty with motor skills. Fractured bones, such as broken ribs, can also cause long-term health problems that need ongoing care.

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