Fatal Hit-And-Run Freeway Crash Kills Tow-Truck Operator

December 24, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

40-year-old Christopher Barton Tatro was killed in a tragic hit-and-run car collision that occurred on December 17, 2011, around 2 a.m. on 91 Freeway in Riverside. According to California Highway Patrol, Tatro was loading a disabled vehicle onto his flatbed truck on the side of the eastbound lanes of the freeway near Monroe Street when he was hit by a tan sedan, possibly a beige late-1990s Saturn.

The car veered from the number five lane into the left side of the tow truck and then struck Tatro. The collision threw Tatro about 60 feet into traffic lanes. He suffered massive injuries to his legs and torso.

Tatro was immediately transported to Riverside Community Hospital where he was later pronounced dead around 4:20 a.m.

From the available information, it appears that negligent and distracted driving of the sedan driver contributed to this serious multiple vehicle collision. If it is found that the sedan driver was driving inattentively, then he may be held liable for this accident. Also, this sedan driver has committed the felony of hit-and-run, which is a direct violation of California traffic law.

The victim’s family members should immediately seek counsel from an experienced Riverside County truck accident lawyer who would educate them about their legal rights. The victim’s family may file a wrongful death claim against the sedan driver to obtain compensation to cover funeral and burial costs, loss of anticipated earnings, loss of love, care and companionship, and other accident-related damages.
Our personal injury law office sends sincere condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

Fatal Car Accident Kills Sun City Woman

December 23, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

41-year-old Crystal Stevens, of Sun City, was struck in a tragic pedestrian accident that occurred on December 15, 2011, around 11:30 p.m. on McCall Road near Sherman Road in Menifee. According to the Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner’s department, Stevens was walking on McCall Road when she was struck by a car.

Stevens suffered life-threatening injuries and was immediately transported to Inland Valley Regional Medical Center for treatment, where she was pronounced dead a day later.

From the present information, it appears that the reckless driving and irresponsible actions of the motorist led to this serious car wreck that claimed one life. If the motorist is determined to have been at fault in this case, then he could be held responsible for pedestrian’s wrongful death.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family members should consult with an experienced Riverside County pedestrian accident lawyer who would help them obtain timely compensation to cover funeral and burial costs, loss of future earnings, loss of love, care and companionship, and other accident-related damages.

Our personal injury law office sends sincere condolences to Stevens’ family members and friends.

Elderly Pedestrian Struck and Pinned Under Car in Thousand Oaks

December 13, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

83-year-old Ella Mae Day of Thousand Oaks was pinned under a car in a tragic pedestrian accident that occurred on December 7, 2011, in the 1000 Block of Calle Almendro in Thousand Oaks. According to Ventura County sheriff’s officials, Day was walking on the sidewalk west of her home when she was struck and pinned down by a vehicle backing out of a driveway driven by 80-year-old Marshall Bowen.

Day suffered blunt force injuries to the chest and was pronounced dead at the accident scene. From the present information, it is unclear what caused this major car accident that claimed one life.

Since the driver was backing, the motorist’s negligence or reckless driving could have been responsible for causing the accident. If it is found that the driver was driving inattentively, then he may be held liable for this accident.

Meanwhile, Day’s family members should immediately seek counsel from an experienced Ventura County pedestrian accident lawyer, who would educate them about their legal rights. This lawyer may also help the deceased’s family obtain compensation to cover funeral and burial cost, loss of anticipated earnings, loss of love, care and compassion, and other accident-related damages.

Our personal injury law office sends sincere condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

2 Bicyclists Struck in Separate Car Crashes

November 30, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Two cyclists, a 10-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman, are recovering from injuries they sustained after being hit by vehicles in two different auto accidents in San Diego.

The 10-year-old girl was riding eastbound on Catalina Boulevard at about 7:20 a.m. Tuesday when a 2011 Chevy van turned the corner on Wilcoz and hit her at the intersection. Despite what most people think, the young girl knows how to ride and was doing it safely. She competes in triathlons for kids and was riding in front of her dad, who was training with her. Her father barely avoided the collision.
The girl was taken to the hospital for a fractured leg and collar bone.

The 23-year-old woman sustained non-life-threatening facial fractures when a Hyundai SUV tried to pass her on the 4900 block of College Avenue, near Cresita Drive, at about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The 55 year-old SUV driver was obviously in too much of a hurry to wait until it was safe to pass.

Both drivers’ negligent driving caused these bicycle accidents, and they may be held liable for the damages, including medical bills, loss of income, etc. The victims’ family should immediately seek counsel with a San Diego County bike collision attorney to learn about how to get the compensation they need to cover these expenses.

Helpful Personal Injury Case Information

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Personal Injury Case Articles

  • This Opinion Maybe the Most Important Decision for California Personal Injury Attorneys and Their Injured Clients!
    The Howell v. Hamilton Meats & Provisions, Inc. decision may be the most important decision for California personal injury attorneys and their injured clients. The California Court of Appeals reinstated the collateral source rule’s guarantee that plaintiffs are entitled to the full billed value of their medical bills and not the discounted payment from their private health insurance carrier. ssdi payment calculator – In this case, a San Diego, CA woman won her appeal to have $130,000 of her jury verdict reinstated after the Court discounted the verdict by the reductions obtained by her health insurance.
  • The Third Appellate District Becomes the Latest Appellate Court to Uphold the Collateral Source Rule That Negligent Defenders Should Not Benefit from Injured People Who Have the Foresight to Purchase Health Insurance.
    The California Court of Appeals for the Third Appellate District recently ruled in King v. Willmett that the collateral source rule bars the reduction of jury verdicts based upon reduced amounts paid by the injured person’s health insurance company. The rule prevents the courts from rewarding negligent defendants from benefiting from the foresight of injured people who purchased and then used health insurance to pay for their medical care arising from an accident. This is a very important decision benefiting California injury victims. It overrules the argument made by insurance defense attorneys in the Nishihama and Haniff cases. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced disability attorney or representative in the Phoenix area, and all of Arizona. Call (888)939-4692 or via the web https://disabilityhelpgroup.org. We would be honored to answer your questions or represent your case.
  • Get Out of Red Light Camera Tickets with This California Appellate Court Case–People v. Khaled
    In People v. Khaled, the California Court of Appeals ruled that the hearsay rule applies to photographs and videotapes used by police agencies to enforce red lights at intersections monitored by cameras. In order to substantiate the photographs, prosecutors must call witnesses who can lay a foundation for when, where, and how the photograph is taken in order for it to be introduced into evidence. Further, laying such a foundation is necessary to establish that the photograph was not altered by Photoshop or some other method.

Houston Personal Injury Attorney Makes Bet on Texas vs. Texas A&M Game with the Law Group

November 24, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

As many of you may know Houston personal injury attorney and Vujasinovic & Beckcom founding partner Brian Beckcom is a third-generation Fighting Texas Aggie. Even though Brian went to “trade” school at the University of Texas (or t.u. and “The University of Texas School of Law” to Aggies), he claims he was actually educated at Texas A&M. Brian’s a maroon-blooded Aggie and season-ticket holder for the football games and has been since the day he graduated from Texas A&M.

The Texas – Texas A&M game is one of the oldest rivalries in college football. Traditionally played on Thanksgiving Day, the game pits two in-state rivals against each other and often pits friends and families against each other, at least on Thanksgiving Day.

Although the rivalry is pretty intense already, we’ve decided to bring it up a notch. Brian Beckcom, a Houston personal injury attorney, and the Law Group, founded and run by a Texas Longhorn fan and supporter, are placing a bet on this year’s game.

Whoever loses the game has agreed to change their Facebook avatar to the opposing school’s mascot for one week. Although this doesn’t sound like much, to a U.T. or Aggie grad and fan changing your Facebook logo to the opposing school’s mascot for even one millisecond is enough of public humiliation to cause teeth to grind, hair to fall out, and tears to shed.

Gig ‘em and Hook ‘em!

Slip and Fall Injuries: New Study Highlights Key Risk Factors Predicting Injury

November 20, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Slip and fall accidents commonly cause lower leg injuries when people fall unexpectedly and cannot stop themselves gracefully. The torque and force the fall put on their joints and bones can be severe and cause serious injury and pain.

In the medical community, the severity of a lower extremity injury stemming from a slip and fall accident is determined by several risk factors. Some people are more susceptible to leg injuries, such as a foot and knee injury from a slip and fall than others and it could affect your personal injury case.

Our San Diego slip and fall attorneys recently discussed a medical study at a personal injury law firm website which attempts to predict the severity of lower extremity injuries to predict medical treatment and prognosis.

Are You More at Risk for Suffering a Lower Extremity (Leg) Injury from a Slip and Fall Accident? A New Study Finds Key Indicating Factors.

Lower extremity (leg) injuries are frequently caused by slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents most commonly lead to injuries such as muscle strains, contusions, and ligament sprains to name a few. The ankle, knee, and lower leg are the most common places for lower extremity injuries. Lower leg injuries are frequently treatable, but costly, and the worldwide medical costs for treating them are estimated at $1 billion a year. Because of the frequency and treatment costs of lower extremity injuries, researchers and clinicians have compiled a list of risk factors to help determine how severe the lower extremity injury is relative to the scope of possible leg injuries.

Some risk factors include: age, gender, menstrual cycle (in women), previous injury, inadequate rehabilitation (of a previous personal injury), acrobatic fitness level, limb dependence, flexibility, muscle strength/balance, reaction time, limb girth, postural stability, and anatomical alignment.

Leg injury risk factors help insurance adjusters, doctors, and attorneys determine the severity of the slip and fall accident which helps them access the compensation the injured person should receive. This is why every slip and fall case is unique. Since people themselves are unique, there is no specific rate that a person will get when they suffer a slip and fall accident.

If you have suffered a slip and fall accident that has caused a lower leg injury, including a foot and knee injury from a slip and fall, please be sure to see an orthopedic doctor, preferably a surgeon, as soon as possible to have your injury examined and to determine its’ seriousness. It would also be a good idea to gather all relevant facts available to you about your accident—gather all contact information for witnesses to the slip and fall, take pictures of the material or object you slipped or tripped on, and look around for any video cameras which may have captured the slip and fall. You should bring this information to an experienced San Diego slip and fall lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases, such as our lawyers, for a free consultation and help with getting the medical treatment you need and a guidance.

What Good Do Personal Injury Lawyers Do For Society?

November 17, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Unfortunately, personal injury attorneys have a bad reputation with most people. Many see our role in the legal profession as greedy and vindictive people who chase ambulances in order to make money at the expense of our clients and society.

Not only is the stereotype false, but many people overlook all the good things that injury lawyers do. We are dedicated to our work and we are motivated by ensuring our client’s rights are represented so that they receive the compensation they deserve.

Our San Diego accident attorneys certainly do not fall under this poor stereotype. We recently wrote an article about the stereotypes about our profession, why they are not true, and why injury attorneys benefit the public.

Hot Topics in Personal Injury Law

As a nationally recognized personal injury attorney, I receive a number of lawyer newsletters from law offices around California and the United States.  I received one recently from Dallas personal injury lawyer Jeff Rasansky which had an article in it entitled, “Advocates or Ambulance Chasers.”  It really struck me with it’s honesty and truth about the good that injury lawyers do…and the negative public opinion they commonly face.

It’s no secret that personal injury attorneys have a bad reputation in our society.  We have all heard the various stereotypes and jokes about our profession.  These stereotypes are not only false, but they are damaging to our legal system and society.  The legal system is what people should turn to in their time of need.  It is their last avenue for appeal and redress when private parties and the government will not act responsible for their negligent acts.  And truth be told, the vast majority of personal injury lawyers are doing the right thing.  People that are involved in a car accident, motorcycle accidents, or injured by a defective product turn to lawyers every day because they know that an attorney will represent their rights, and not those of an insurance company.

So where do these negative stereotypes come from? 

The first source that comes to mind is the media.  TV shows, the news, and movies very often show lawyers in the worst light possible: as greedy and vindictive.  Also, some of the attorney advertisements by real life personal injury lawyers make it seem that attorneys are money hungry and that they convince people that they need an attorney.  However, most injury attorneys do not look at potential clients as dollar signs.  These money hungry attorneys are the minority.

Not only do injury lawyers help their clients in their time of need, but their work ensures that people live in a safe environment.  Corporations and people are mindful of what can happen to them if they decide not to behave in a reasonable manner.  Also, you have attorneys to thank for the various safety laws and regulations that we have.  These laws were enacted in response to negligent behavior, and these laws provide a standard which intends to keep the public healthy and safe.  

I can see why people think the way they do about personal injury attorneys since negative stereotypes are all around them.  While, it is true that “one bad apple spoils the entire bunch,”  you always hear about the immoral attorney who stole their client’s money on the news, but you NEVER hear about any of the positive things personal injury lawyers do for their clients.  

It also does not help that corporations and insurance companies also attempt to paint injury law firms in a bad light too.  However, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be an accident attorney.  In America, there are several ways to make a living and make money–people don’t have to be lawyers to make a lot of money.  In fact, many people chose to become personal injury lawyers because they want to help people.  Besides, corporations and insurance companies paint us in this bad light because we threaten them with lawsuits if they do not follow the law and when their insureds are careless and negligent.

There may be a time in your life when you are faced with a situation that will require you to hire an accident attorney.  You should not be just another number or case in your attorney’s file cabinet. You are an individual with your own worries and hopes about your injury claim.  

Three Students Struck in Santee Car Accident

October 24, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Three girls were struck and injured by a vehicle in a serious pedestrian accident that occurred on October 17, 2011, around 8:30 a.m. near Santana High School in Santee. According to the investigating authorities, the girls were attempting to cross the street near the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Carefree Drive when a car struck them. All the girls suffered minor bruises and scratches.

From the limited information, it is not clear as to what led to this accident. The investigation is in process. Meanwhile, the parents of the injured girls should immediately seek counsel from an experienced San Diego County pedestrian accident lawyer who would educate them about their legal rights and assure that the at-fault truck driver is brought to justice.

The victims’ parents can also file a personal injury claim against the driver to obtain compensation to cover treatment, medical and hospital costs, and other accident-related damages.

Our personal injury law office sincerely hopes that the injuries suffered by the young girls heal soon.

Santa Ana Pedestrian Accident Caused by Unlicensed Driver

October 23, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

A mother and her 4-year-old child were struck and injured by a car driven by an unlicensed car driver in Santa Ana on the morning of October 20, 2010. Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said that this Orange County auto accident occurred along the 1200 block of East McFadden Avenue, near Grand Avenue in Santa Ana, approximately 125 miles north of San Diego.

Eric Christopher Woodward, 39, driving a Ford Crown Victoria, veered onto the sidewalk and hit the mother and crushed the child. The impact of the car crash was so strong that both the mother and child were thrown about 20 feet into the air. Bertagna said that the child suffered critical injuries and the mother suffered a broken shoulder.

Woodward lost control of the vehicle, perhaps due to experiencing a grand mal seizure, and in an effort to compensate the curve he struck both the mother and the child leaving them seriously injured. Bertgana said that Woodward was unlicensed due to his propensity to experience seizures. Fortunately, Woodward and his mother riding as her passenger escaped unhurt.

The injured victims can seek a personal injury claim from Woodward to cover the medical costs, loss of wages, cost of hospitalization, and other accident related damages. With the assistance from an experienced Orange County car accident lawyer, the injured victims can know their legal rights and obtain timely compensation.

We sincerely hope and pray that both mother and child did not suffer ant catastrophic injuries and that their injuries heal completely.