2 Bicyclists Struck in Separate Car Crashes

November 30, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Two cyclists, a 10-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman, are recovering from injuries they sustained after being hit by vehicles in two different auto accidents in San Diego.

The 10-year-old girl was riding eastbound on Catalina Boulevard at about 7:20 a.m. Tuesday when a 2011 Chevy van turned the corner on Wilcoz and hit her at the intersection. Despite what most people think, the young girl knows how to ride and was doing it safely. She competes in triathlons for kids and was riding in front of her dad, who was training with her. Her father barely avoided the collision.
The girl was taken to the hospital for a fractured leg and collar bone.

The 23-year-old woman sustained non-life-threatening facial fractures when a Hyundai SUV tried to pass her on the 4900 block of College Avenue, near Cresita Drive, at about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The 55 year-old SUV driver was obviously in too much of a hurry to wait until it was safe to pass.

Both drivers’ negligent driving caused these bicycle accidents, and they may be held liable for the damages, including medical bills, loss of income, etc. The victims’ family should immediately seek counsel with a San Diego County bike collision attorney to learn about how to get the compensation they need to cover these expenses.

Fatal Oxnard Truck Accident Kills Young Boy

November 28, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

6-year-old Anthony Martinez was killed in a tragic pickup-truck wreck that occurred on November 24, 2011, around 4:20 p.m. at the 1300 block of W. Olive Street. According to Cmdr. Tom Chronister, Martinez was riding his bike along the sidewalk, entered the street, and was struck 50-year-old Jesus Calderon Ruvalcaba.

Martinez suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the accident scene. From the available information, it is unclear what led to this serious truck wreck. Was the driver speeding? If it is found that the truck driver was driving negligently or recklessly, then he might be held liable for the young boy’s death.

Meanwhile, the injured juvenile’s family members should immediately seek counsel from an experienced Ventura County bicycle accident lawyer who would educate them about their legal rights. This lawyer may also help young boy’s parents obtain compensation to cover treatment, medical and hospital costs.

Our personal injury law office sends sincere condolences to the young boy’s parents.

Toddler Killed in San Diego Pedestrian Accident

August 7, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

A three-year-old visiting San Diego for a family event wandered into traffic on Nimitz Boulevard recently, where he suffered fatal injuries after being struck by an oncoming pickup truck, according to a recent article from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The young boy was visiting San Diego with his family, residents of New Mexico, to celebrate the graduation of a family member from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Around 7:30 p.m., the boy wandered out of his family’s hotel room and toward the road. He stepped into the traffic lanes on Nimitz Boulevard near the Rosecrans Street intersection. Unfortunately, the driver of an oncoming Toyota pickup truck struck the boy, causing serious injuries.

Bystanders called emergency medical services, which rushed the toddler to a nearby children’s hospital. The boy passed away in the hospital’s intensive care unit about six hours later. The driver of the pickup truck stopped at the scene and answered police questions. Police have not said whether he was at fault for the fatal car accident or whether criminal charges will be filed.

Car accidents can cause serious injuries, especially to children. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a car accident, the skilled CA child injury accident attorneys can help you with a wide range of tasks, from figuring out what happened to holding any negligent parties accountable for the harm their actions caused. To discuss your situation with us, call today for a free consultation.

Desert Hot Springs Bike Accident Leaves Child Injured By Car

July 18, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

A 4-year-old child was seriously struck and injured in a Desert Hot Springs car accident on July 14, 2011, around 8:49 p.m. at Palm Drive and Dillon Road. According to Riverside County Fire Department officials, the kid was riding his bicycle when a motorist struck him at an intersection.

This news report offers very few details about what caused this injury crash. There are several questions here. Was the motorist speeding? Was he distracted or fatigued? Did alcohol or drugs play a part? Where were the parents of the child at this time? We trust that the investigating officials are looking into these and other issues in order to determine how or why this car collision occurred.

The injured child’s parents should seek counsel from an experienced Riverside County bicycle accident lawyer to know about their legal rights and obtain compensation to cover treatment, medical and hospital costs. A child injury lawyer would assure that the at-fault car driver is apprehended and brought to justice.

Our personal injury law office sincerely hopes and prays that the injuries suffered by the child heal soon.

Three-year Old Run Over by a Lifeguard in Pacific Beach Truck Accident

July 5, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

A 3-year-old girl suffered injuries after being run over by a lifeguard on June 30, 2011, at Pacific Beach near Law Street. According to San Diego Police Department, the lifeguard drove Chevy Colorado pickup truck at 5 MPH when he hit the girl, who was covered with a towel.

Paramedics responding to the accident immediately transported the injured child to Rady Children’s Hospital where she received treatment for the minor injuries suffered. The lifeguard was experienced and said he did not see the child, because she was covered by a towel. Fortunately, the young child suffered only minor injuries. The father was surfing at the time of the accident.

The injured girl’s family members should consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer serving San Diego County to obtain compensation to cover treatment, hospital and medical costs, and other accident-related damages. A claim can be made against the lifeguard and his employer.

Teen Bicyclist Struck in Escondido Bicyclist Accident

June 16, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

An Escondido teenage boy was struck and injured in a North San Diego County car accident on June 15, 2011, around 12:36 p.m. at Grand Avenue and Rose Street. According to Escondido Police Officials, an 84-year-old elderly man, driving a Chrysler Town & Country van, made a wide turn into Grand Avenue, climbed the sidewalk, hit a traffic pole, and finally came to halt after slamming into the side of the building. The boy was waiting on his bicycle next to the pole when he was hit.

The bicyclist suffered serious injuries and was immediately transported to Rady Children’s Hospital for treatment. From the available information, it is clear that the 84-year-old driver made too wide of a turn and caused this bicycle accident. This leads us to question his driving abilities.

The investigating officers need to determine whether the driver was speeding, distracted, or was talking on the cell phone when this accident occurred. It would be in the best interest of bicyclist’s family members to seek counsel from a North San Diego County bike accident lawyer to know about their legal rights and options.

The bicyclist crash attorney would assure that the at-fault is held liable for the damage and help the victim’s family members obtain timely compensation to cover treatment, medical costs, hospitalization expenses, and other accident-related expenses.

Our personal injury law office sincerely hopes that the injuries suffered by the boy heal soon.

Two Women and a Toddler Struck by Car in San Marcos

January 25, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Two women, ages 61 and 40, and a 3-year-old girl were struck while crossing a street on January 24, 2012, around 3 p.m. in San Marcos. According to sheriff’s Deputy Tammy Bennetts, the victims were struck by a 22-year-old woman turning her car from westbound Positive Place onto the southbound Tiger Way.

The injured victims were immediately transported to nearby hospitals for medical treatment. From the present facts, it is unclear as to how this serious car crash occurred. Was the car driver drunk? Or was she speeding?

At this time, the victims’ family members should immediately seek counsel from an experienced San Diego County pedestrian accident lawyer who would educate them about their legal rights. The car driver may be legally required to compensate the victims’ family for the cost of treatment, and other related damages.

Our San Diego personal injury law office hopes that the injuries suffered by all the victims heal soon and do not prove serious.

Committee Calls for CDC to Lower Threshold on Identifying Child Lead Poisoning

January 23, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been asked by a federal advisory committee to lower its threshold for diagnosing cases of lead poisoning in children. The lowering of the threshold would have lower levels of lead toxicity in children be identified as dangerous, bringing more attention to a serious problem that can have life-long effects, according to The New York Times.

This is the first recommendation for lowering the lead poisoning threshold in 20 years and would lower the official diagnosis of lead poisoning from 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood to five micrograms. It is expected that by doing so, hundreds of thousands more children would be diagnosed as suffering from lead poisoning, with approximately 250,000 children already diagnosed in the United States. It is believed that a lowering of the threshold would result in an increase in the safety of living conditions for children throughout the U.S.

Lead poisoning typically results from exposure to paint that contains lead, which is often found in homes built before 1978. The paint deteriorates into flakes and dust which poses a danger to any who are exposed, with children being especially vulnerable. When a child’s body contains a high level of lead, he or she can suffer injuries to developing organs, such as the brain and kidneys. As such, cognitive and physiological functions can suffer permanent damage that will last for the child’s entire life. Because these effects are so devastating, it is important for all families to practice caution when it comes to lead exposure, especially for any children that may be affected.

Any injuries a child suffers, especially ones that hinder his or her development, are incredibly serious and traumatizing. If your child has been injured due to another’s negligence, the San Diego child injury attorneys can help you and your child find compensation to aid in the road to recovery. Call our offices today for a consultation on your case.