Jens Roger Noet Identified as Man Killed in Ramona Pedestrian Accident

March 6, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Yesterday we posted a story about an unidentified pedestrian killed in Ramona car crash. That pedestrian turned out to be Jens Roger Noet, a 34-year-old man, or, according to 10 news, a “transient.” Noet was headed down Main Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets in Ramona on Wednesday when he was fatally struck by a semi-truck.

This information was brought to our attention through 10 news and our hats off to them for providing the story, which helps remind San Diego residents about being cautious when walking next to a street and also when driving. However, it is very unnerving to see that they have the audacity to tag him, not once. but twice as a “transient.” Jens Roger Noet was just killed by a truck driver and instead of writing a tactful article about the events they instead belittle him.

As stated yesterday, if our Law Group was asked to represent the pedestrian’s family, our lawyers would work diligently to discover the facts about the accident and give Noet, a member of our community, the respect he deserves.

Ramona Pedestrian Killed After Being Hit by Truck

March 5, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Ramona Pedestrian Killed After Being Hit by Truck

An unidentified pedestrian, in the Ramona section of San Diego, was killed after being hit by in a semi-truck accident Wednesday morning while crossing the street.

The accident happened just after 2:30 a.m. when the driver of the truck was heading west on Main Street at the intersection with 7th Street. According to the driver, the pedestrian appeared to come out of nowhere and appeared in front of the truck. The truck driver stopped after the impact and found the man’s body pinned under the truck.

Both lanes of Main Street were closed until 5 a.m. while the California Highway Patrol investigated the accident. At the time of publishing this entry, the cause of the accident was still under investigation.

If our office was approached by the pedestrian’s family, we would first have to determine what happened that early morning. We would hire a professional accident investigator and a private investigator to track down witnesses and to document the facts of the accident, including sight lines for the truck driver, the traffic controls available at the intersection and obtaining witness statements. If the pedestrian was in the crosswalk, had the right of way, or even if the driver was not paying attention while he was driving, the pedestrian’s family might have a strong case for their wrongful death claim.

If you or a loved one has ever been involved in a pedestrian accident, including one that results in a wrongful death claim, please contact the experienced trial lawyers.