What are the Dangers of Long-Term Cortizone Injections?

November 26, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

You or someone you know may have used cortisone injections to treat their joint pain following an injury accident. Over the years, cortizone injections have been proven to reduce pain and inflammation on people’s shoulder, knee, neck, and back injuries following an accident. However, the long-term use of cortizone injections also has harmful side effects that many people do not know about.

Our San Diego personal injury attorneys recently wrote an article about the benefits and potential dangers of prolonged cortisone injections on our injury accident website. Before you use this type of treatment, make sure you are informed of what the drug could do to you and what the risks and benefits. For more information, please read the full article.

Brazil Woman Finds ‘Dead’ Mother Alive in Morgue

November 6, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Rosangela Celestrino was called to a Rio de Janeiro hospital to identify her mother’s body on September 23, 2011, only to find that her mother was still alive.

The mother was initially admitted to the Hospital Estadual Adao Pereira Nunes for a pulmonary infection. Doctors had pronounced 60-year-old Rosa Celestrino de Assis dead, and she was placed in the refrigerated drawer of a hospital morgue for two hours.

“I went to kiss my mom, and she was breathing.”

The mother was immediately taken to the ICU, intubated again, and put on a respirator.

The nurse who first suspected the mother was dead was fired and the doctor who pronounced her dead had resigned. The Celestrino family made a police complaint. If medical negligence is proven, the family could sue the hospital for personal injury. If the mother dies, the family can file a wrongful death suit for manslaughter.