San Diego Injury Victims: How Not to Perform at a Deposition

May 16, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Every person I know gets nervous when it is time to sit for a deposition. They worry that they’ll have to deal with the worst imaginable movie deposition with opposing counsel yelling at them, wagging their finger, and calling them a liar.

Very rarely does that ever happen. Most of the time, it is a very simple question and answers session.

Our office instructs clients that there are two simple rules for performing at deposition:
1. Listen carefully and answer directly.
2. Be truthful.

If you follow those rules, you’ll be fine. But here are a few examples of what not to do at a deposition.

First, don’t lose your temper. Don’t rise to the bait.

Second, speak clearly and act……well, sane.

Third, don’t get in a fight with the attorney.

Fourth, don’t act superior…or a jerk

It’s enough to drive court reporters and videographers nuts….or just lame.

Britney Spears Involved in Third Notable Car Accident

May 13, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

Earlier today, Britney Spears crashed the front of her Mercedes SL into the rear of a red Ford Explorer while driving on the Strip in Los Angeles. Luckily there were no significant injuries.

This is the third notable accident Britney has been involved in. On April 14, it was reported that Ms. Spears rear-ended another vehicle when she failed to realize that the vehicle in front of her came to a stop.

She was also involved in a hit and run accident when she struck a parked car while trying to park her vehicle:

We say this (slightly) jokingly: “Will she spend the money to hire a driver before she kills someone?”

It is very clear that Ms. Spears is an extremely poor driver and is a danger to herself and others. Her license should be revoked. If Ms. Spears was not a celebrity and just a regular driver, she would have already lost her license after being involved in multiple accidents, including a hit and run accident.

We can only hope she stops driving before she does kill someone.