Metrolink Train Accident Kills Car Driver

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An unidentified man in his 70s was killed in a fatal Los Angeles train accident that occurred on November 29, 2010, around 9:35 a.m. at Francisquito Avenue, approximately 116 miles from San Diego. Sherita Coffelt of Metrolink said that train number 304 was heading from Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles to San Bernardino when it struck the elderly man’s car, killing him.

The elderly motorist was pronounced dead at the accident scene by the authorities. Two passengers in the train also suffered injuries in this train accident and were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

From the present facts, it is unclear as to how this train accident occurred. Did the train driver ignore a red signal? Was he distracted that he did not notice the victim’s car? At the same time was it the elderly person’s failure to observe safety signals? Was he unable to calculate the distance between his car and approaching train? If negligent operation by the train conductor caused this train accident, then the train conductor and his employer might be legally required to compensate the elderly person’s family for the cost of funeral expenses, loss of love and companionship, and other related damages. The deceased’s family would be well-advised to consult with an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who will advise them about their legal rights and options.

Elderly Motorist Injured In Lake Elsinore Bus Accident

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Margaret Birch, 75, suffered serious injuries in a serious Lake Elsinore car accident that occurred on November 29, 2010, around 3:00 p.m. According to California Highway Patrol Officer Ron Thatcher, Birch pulled her minivan in front of a school bus when the collision occurred. The impact of the car crash was so strong that Birch’s car was pinned under the school bus.

Fortunately, all the 51 school students who were traveling in the bus escaped unhurt. Birch was immediately transported to Inland Valley Regional Medical Center in Wildomar to receive treatment for her leg injuries.

This accident is a good illustration of one of the main rules of the road: always watch out for traffic before entering an intersection or roadway. If you do not look for cross-traffic, you can possibly violate another motorist’s right of way and cause an accident. Even worse, that motorist may be driving a larger vehicle—such as a school bus—placing you and your passengers in danger of serious injury or even death.

We sincerely hope and pray that Birch did not suffer any life-threatening injuries in this bus accident.

2 Bicyclists Struck in Separate Car Crashes

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Two cyclists, a 10-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman, are recovering from injuries they sustained after being hit by vehicles in two different auto accidents in San Diego.

The 10-year-old girl was riding eastbound on Catalina Boulevard at about 7:20 a.m. Tuesday when a 2011 Chevy van turned the corner on Wilcoz and hit her at the intersection. Despite what most people think, the young girl knows how to ride and was doing it safely. She competes in triathlons for kids and was riding in front of her dad, who was training with her. Her father barely avoided the collision.
The girl was taken to the hospital for a fractured leg and collar bone.

The 23-year-old woman sustained non-life-threatening facial fractures when a Hyundai SUV tried to pass her on the 4900 block of College Avenue, near Cresita Drive, at about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The 55 year-old SUV driver was obviously in too much of a hurry to wait until it was safe to pass.

Both drivers’ negligent driving caused these bicycle accidents, and they may be held liable for the damages, including medical bills, loss of income, etc. The victims’ family should immediately seek counsel with a San Diego County bike collision attorney to learn about how to get the compensation they need to cover these expenses.

Pedestrian Struck, Another Killed Crossing El Cajon

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25-year-old Melissa N. Ferreira was killed in a tragic car wreck that occurred on November 19, 2011, around 2 a.m. in front of the El Cajon Grand Bar on Main Street. According to El Cajon police officers, a man and woman were struck by a Mitsubishi Montero going westbound in front of the bar.

Ferreira suffered fatal blunt force trauma and was pronounced dead at the accident scene. The male pedestrian suffered non-life threatening injuries and was immediately taken to nearby hospital for treatment.

The SUV’s driver stopped immediately following the crash and was cooperating with investigators. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the deceased pedestrian. From the available information, it is unclear what led to this serious pedestrian accident. The accident is still under investigation. Alcohol and drugs were not a factor.

The deceased’s family members should immediately seek counsel from an experienced San Diego County car crash lawyer who would educate them about their legal rights and help them obtain compensation to cover the burial and burial costs, loss of anticipated earnings, and other accident-related damages. The injured pedestrian may also file a personal injury claim to obtain compensation to cover treatment, medical and hospital costs.

Our law office sends our condolences to Ferreira’s family and hope that the injuries suffered by the other pedestrian heal soon.

Fatal Oxnard Truck Accident Kills Young Boy

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6-year-old Anthony Martinez was killed in a tragic pickup-truck wreck that occurred on November 24, 2011, around 4:20 p.m. at the 1300 block of W. Olive Street. According to Cmdr. Tom Chronister, Martinez was riding his bike along the sidewalk, entered the street, and was struck 50-year-old Jesus Calderon Ruvalcaba.

Martinez suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the accident scene. From the available information, it is unclear what led to this serious truck wreck. Was the driver speeding? If it is found that the truck driver was driving negligently or recklessly, then he might be held liable for the young boy’s death.

Meanwhile, the injured juvenile’s family members should immediately seek counsel from an experienced Ventura County bicycle accident lawyer who would educate them about their legal rights. This lawyer may also help young boy’s parents obtain compensation to cover treatment, medical and hospital costs.

Our personal injury law office sends sincere condolences to the young boy’s parents.

Broken Vertebrae

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A Back Injury Can Be Extremely Painful and Cause Your Vertebrae to be Permanently Weakened. In Extreme Cases, It May Cause Neurological Damage or Disability. If You Have Been Hurt, Get Medical Assistance Immediately and Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer to Get the Recover You Need.

An injury in the back section of the spinal cord can cause the back vertebrae to be fractured or dislocated. However, if the injury causes damage to the spinal cord, it may result in neurological problems or paralysis. Auto accidents and falls are the most common forms of trauma leading to fractured vertebrae.

For instance, if a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle when trying to walk through a crosswalk, he may be thrown into the air and lands on his back. The victim may immediately feel pain and stiffness after the impact, making him unable to move.

The extent of the back injury varies depending on the location and severity. Broken vertebrae can be extremely painful and require intensive care, medications, and possible physical therapy.

Answers to Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, and Car Accident Questions

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Q: What can threaten my California slip and fall claim?

A: If you have suffered injuries after falling on slippery tiles, you should speak to a San Diego injury law firmto discuss filing a California slip and fall claim. Denial, low settlement offers, and unfair adjusters could ruin the outcome of your California slip and fall claim.

Since this kind of claim can be very difficult to pursue, it’s best that you don’t try to tackle it on your own. Therefore, you should know about the various ways in which your claim could be minimized or denied when you’ve fallen on slippery tiles so that you can help your law firm build your case.

Threats to a California Slip and Fall Claim

Keep in mind that insurance adjusters will try all sorts of tactics to settle your claim as quickly and cheaply as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury while losing your balance on slippery tiles.

One threat to your claim is that it could be outright denied. Insurance companies will search for any loopholes that put you at fault or cast doubt on your version of how your accident occurred.

Another threat is that you may be offered an unfair settlement. A San Diego injury law firm can help determine whether a settlement is truly fair and will address any future medical or vocational needs. If you accept a low settlement before you realize the full extent of your injuries after you slip and fall on slippery tiles, you will not be able to ask for more damages.

Your claim could also be threatened if you think your insurance adjusters are fair. Be advised that their goal is to save the company money, not to look out for your best interest.

Act Now For Help With Your California Slip and Fall Claim

If you or a loved one have been injured in a slip and fall accident in California, we are here to help. When you’re ready to get started on your case, simply contact our law offices online or by phone. The consultation is free!

Texting While Driving Injuries

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Any Distraction can Endanger a Driver’s Safety. However, Texting is the Most Alarming Because It Involves All Three Types of Distraction –Visual, Manual, and Cognitive.

5 Unknown Facts About Texting and Driving

Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for American teenagers.

According to a survey conducted by the American Automobile Association and Seventeen magazine, almost nine in 10 teenage drivers (86%) have driven while distracted, even though 84% say they know they shouldn’t.

Because texting involves both physically taking the phone out, mentally thinking about, and reading the text, it is especially dangerous for young teens who are inexperienced and more risk-taking behind the wheel.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

The No. 1 source of driver inattention is the use of a wireless device.

Distracted driving is a growing problem on America’s roads, and the number of injuries and deaths will keep climbing every year unless drivers start educating themselves about safety regulations.

Text messaging has grown an almost 10,000-fold increase in 10 years and many drivers still continue to text even though they are aware of the dangers (Virginia Tech/NHTSA). Most of us have texted while driving; and though you may not have gotten into an accident, you probably drifted into another lane or had to make a sudden stop because you were distracted by the text message. Yet, we still make no efforts to stop.

Drivers who use handheld devices are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves.

(Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)

In addition, drivers who are texting can be more than 20 times more likely to crash than non-distracted drivers. The National Safety Council estimates 25 percent of all crashes in 2008 involved talking on cell phones – accounting for 1.4 million crashes and 645,000 injuries that year.

As a response to these astounding numbers, California law passed the Wireless Communication Device Law (effective January 1, 2009) banning drivers from writing, sending, or reading text messages on a wireless telephone while driving, (California Vehicle Code 23123).

Driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity associated with driving by 37%.

(Carnegie Mellon University)

Because texting involves both physically taking the phone out, mentally thinking about, and reading the text, it is especially dangerous for young teens who are inexperienced and more risk-taking behind the wheel.

Texting while driving involves three types of distraction: visual, manual, and cognitive. The process of reaching for a phone and reading a text message requires you to take your eyes off the road, taking hands off the wheel, and take your mind off what you are doing.

Using a cell phone while driving, whether it’s handheld or hands-free, delays a driver’s reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of 0.08%.

Car and Driver Magazine was the first to put this to the text. Rigging a car with a red light to alert drivers when to brake, the magazine tested how long it takes to hit the brake when sober, when legally drunk at .08, when reading and e-mail, and when sending a text.

The results were frightening. The driver was slower reaching and braking while e-mailing and texting than he was while under the influence of alcohol. This proves that in some ways, texting while driving is more dangerous than drunk driving.

Source: University of Utah

Contact a California TWD Attorney

If you or a loved one are the victims of a car accident caused by a driver’s inattention, and especially while on the phone or driving, you deserve to be compensated for your sufferings, and you may need a lawyer to help you win your case. We have the experience and quality in serving San Diego County personal injury victims. Contact our personal injury office to set up a free consultation.

Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

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Safety Tips for San Diego Bicycle Riders to Avoid Common Accidents

In a city like San Diego, bicycle riders are abundant. Unfortunately, that also means that bike accidents are more frequent than in other cities. What can you, as a biker, do to help maintain safety and avoid getting hit by a car or truck? Of course, bike riders should take normal precautions such as wearing protective gear and reflectors to help other cars and vehicles see you on the road. If bicyclists routinely did this, the number of bike accidents would be greatly reduced.

There are other routine safety tips that bike riders should follow. If you’re riding at night, get a light. If you have a horn or other noisemaker, be sure to sound it to alert drivers of your presence. And you should be in the habit to slow down when nearing intersections in case you do not have enough time to take safe measures.

However, there are some bicycle crashes which can not be prevented simply by using the proper protective gear and safety equipment. Of these frequent bike accidents, there are several typical kinds which replay themselves over and over. Here are a few ways to avoid these common bicycle accidents.

The Right Cross

This bicycle accident happens when a bicyclist comes up to an intersection with a car approaching perpendicular to the bike on the right. Rather than wait for the bicyclist to cross the intersection, the car pulls out into the intersection and pulls out in front of the bike or “t-bones” the bicyclist when the car enters the nearest lane of traffic.

Many times, bicyclists ride as far to the right of their road as they can. However, when it comes to intersections, if you can come out a little further so that you are riding a car’s width away from the curb, it is much safer. That is because more car drivers are likely to look for cross traffic coming from the lane of traffic, compared to looking for bikes or cars near the sidewalk.

Door Collisions

If you’re riding on a street where cars frequent parallel park near the curbline, do not ride close to the parked cars. A lot of drivers will keep a car door open while they collect things or will unexpectedly open their door, which could lead to you crashing into the car door.

If you can safely move further to the left away from the parked cars without interfering with traffic, be sure to do so. Otherwise, slow down and drive your bike patiently. It may be inconvenient, but it’s better than getting in an accident.

The Right Hook

Often, when a bicyclist is going straight through an intersection, drivers try to overtake the bike rider and then make a right hand turn in front of them. This can oftentimes lead to the car driver miscalculating how far ahead he is from the bicyclist and making it more likely that the bike rider will collide with the vehicle making a right hand turn.

When approaching an intersection, it is helpful to ride in the street to avoid being put in this position. Riding in the sidewalk is not preferable. First, sidewalks are for pedestrians. But, more importantly, sidewalks make you much more invisible to the traffic than you would be if you were riding alongside a car. Be sure to ride to the left, a comfortable distance between the curb and right hand turn lane. If you take up a little more space, it makes it harder for vehicles to overtake you or cut you off. Glance in your mirror before crossing the intersection.

If you don’t have handlebar or helmet mirrors, they would be a wise investment.

While these are just a few of dozens of the typical bike accident scenarios, working to maintain your safety in these give you skills to deal with other typical accidents. Bike riders tend to be at a disadvantage when they are involved in San Diego car accidents and often times risk death. Err on the side of safety and keep San Diego a safe, bike-able city.