Baby Killed In Huntington Beach Car Accident

A 31-year old woman along with her 11-year old daughter, and her 3-month old daughter, Ruby Gould, were struck by a car while trying to cross a marked crosswalk in Huntington Beach. This fatal pedestrian accident occurred on September 7, 2010, at the intersection of Croupier Drive and Springdale Street, approximately 91 miles from San Diego in Orange County.

According to Huntington Beach Police, a Toyota Tundra that stopped to let the pedestrians cross the street was rear-ended by a speeding Chevy Tahoe that failed to stop at the intersection.

The force of the traffic collision pushed the Tundra into the crosswalk, striking the three pedestrians. Unfortunately, Ruby was killed, while the mother and young girl sustained severe injuries. The boy who was walking along with the group escaped unhurt. The investigation of this car accident is pending.

Based on the present facts, the Chevy Tahoe driver will probably be found at fault for failing to stop at the intersection and provide the right of the way to the pedestrians as required by California Vehicle Code Section 21950. This California law holds that drivers must give the right of way to pedestrians in marked crosswalks and at an intersection. Violation of this law may entitle the injured woman for compensation to cover the cost of funeral arrangements for Ruby, cost of hospitalization and treatment of injuries, and other related damages.

We express our sincere condolences to all those who knew and loved the toddler for such a tragic loss. There is nothing as tragic as the loss of a child. It is just too painful to imagine. We also sincerely hope and pray that the injured victims are able to recover to their complete health soon.

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