San Diego Lawsuit Brings Attention to Food Contamination

Last week, a man diagnosed with hepatitis A filed a lawsuit against a La Mesa Chipotle restaurant.

The man, Terry Wesley, claims that he became sick on April 24 after eating at the Chipotle restaurant and remains sick to this day.

The lawsuit was filed just as San Diego County health officials reported another hepatitis A case that officials believe may also be linked to the La Mesa restaurant. If that is the case, officials have documented 21 people sickened by food contamination at the restaurant between March 1 and April 22.

Food contamination is a serious problem, particularly common among fast food restaurants and any other restaurant where health preparations are sacrificed in the name of speed and profit. Hepatitis A is a particularly serious disease that attacks the liver and is spread by contamination of food or water through fecal matter.

If you have suffered from food poisoning and incurred a serious infection, such as hepatitis A, please contact us for a free initial consultation. Not only are you entitled to compensation, but your claim draws attention to the poor sanitary conditions at the violating restaurant.

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