Tort Reform Hypocrite Settles Slip and Fall Lawsuit

As reported by the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, former Supreme Court nominee, strict constructionist judge, and tort-reform advocate Robert Bork settled his lawsuit against the Yale Club after he fell while attempting to step onto the dais to speak.

The settlement terms were undisclosed, so little is known about the lawsuit other than those pleadings filed with the Court. However, a review of the complaint filed by Judge Bork’s attorneys at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher–who are typically defense counsel and presumably represented Bork because of his high profile–reveals two absolute truths about the case: (1) Regardless of whether the Yale Club was liable for Judge Bork’s injuries, Judge Bork was seriously injured and required significant medical care to address his injuries; and (2) Judge Bork’s lawsuit embodies many of the tactics and strategies that Judge Bork decried in his tort reform efforts.

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