Workers’ Compensation Coverage is Still Effective for San Diego Workplace Accidents Even When Worker is at Fault

Most of the time, when San Diego workers are injured on the job, worker’s compensation should cover the costs of the injury. It usually does not matter whether the worker is at fault for the injury or if the injury is caused by an unsafe condition on the site. Even if a San Diego worker at work is clumsy or stops paying attention while operating on a machine, worker’s compensation will most likely cover the costs of the injury. Carelessness and even recklessness are not enough to prevent compensation for a San Diego injured employee.

Worker’s compensation may be denied to San Diego workers when they self-inflict injuries while committing a crime, or if they hurt themselves while violating a company policy such as drinking on the job. However, if none of these situations are true and a San Diegan is hurt on the job, they are entitled to rights and financial pay-offs for the costs.

In addition, if a San Diego laborer is injured while on the job due to the negligence or carelessness of an employee or agent of another company (one other than his employer), then he may have a civil workplace accident claim against the other company for its’ employee’s negligence.

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