Jens Roger Noet Identified as Man Killed in Ramona Pedestrian Accident

Yesterday we posted a story about an unidentified pedestrian killed in Ramona car crash. That pedestrian turned out to be Jens Roger Noet, a 34-year-old man, or, according to 10 news, a “transient.” Noet was headed down Main Street between Fifth and Sixth Streets in Ramona on Wednesday when he was fatally struck by a semi-truck.

This information was brought to our attention through 10 news and our hats off to them for providing the story, which helps remind San Diego residents about being cautious when walking next to a street and also when driving. However, it is very unnerving to see that they have the audacity to tag him, not once. but twice as a “transient.” Jens Roger Noet was just killed by a truck driver and instead of writing a tactful article about the events they instead belittle him.

As stated yesterday, if our Law Group was asked to represent the pedestrian’s family, our lawyers would work diligently to discover the facts about the accident and give Noet, a member of our community, the respect he deserves.

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