San Diego Bike Riders Experience Increase in Theft

A recent rash of bicycle thefts has made the San Diego City Courthouse begin to rethink the way it treats bicycles, including where to lock them. As a high-profile cycling city, San Diego bike riders have ample opportunity and plenty of good weather to commute via bicycle rather than a car. However, due to the volume of, and demand for, bicycles, it is no surprise that thieves target them.

Brienne Thompson was one such victim when she locked up her $1,000 Fuji Roubaix in front of the Hall of Justice while serving jury duty. She even locked her bike with two very secure U-Lock locks, only to emerge from the courthouse to find that both had been cut off. San Diego Sheriff’s Department notes that the problem has “become an epidemic” and are even considering moving those specific bike racks to an area more clearly visible to law enforcement from the Hall of Justice.

The owner of the San Diego Bike shop in Downtown San Diego, Mohammad Karimi, was quoted “Bike theft is very bad in San Diego… with the situation with the economy, it’s more organize — seems to be more happening.” Karimi recommends Kryptonite locks which are great deterrents, and the company also now ensures bikes that use the locks up to $4,500.

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