San Diego Train Accident Attorneys

Trains are a great way to transport goods and people in a quick and efficient way. Regardless of the type, trains have the capacity to cause catastrophic accidents. In the past, many people have been seriously injured or even died from train accidents.

We are skilled train accident attorneys. We have taken on train accident cases in the past and they have yielded successful results.

Commuter and Freight Train Accidents in San Diego are Usually Very Serious and Even Deadly. Our San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help.

Because of a train’s large size, it can be disastrous if you are involved in a train collision. Selecting an attorney is hard enough, but you must make sure you hire a competent train accident attorney if you or someone you know is injured or killed in a serious train accident in San Diego or California.

Freight Train Accidents:

Freight trains are what you generally think of then you think of a “train.” They carry all types of good and supplies to different cities. These trains are very long and have numerous boxcars. They can be very dangerous if they collide with a person or car, and the collision can often be fatal to anybody the train comes into contact with or for the operators and workers on the train.

Commuter Train Accidents:

Trains are also used to transport people from one place to another via commuter train. San Diego has a train system, most notably the North County Transportation District’s (NCTD) Coaster that runs from Oceanside to San Diego, that people can ride to different destinations. It is another form of public transportation that San Diego provides. Many people use this train to travel to and from Downtown San Diego or use the Amtrak train system to travel to Los Angeles and Orange County. Although it is a great service, many passengers, cars, and pedestrians have been involved in a collision with the train in the past.

What Can a Train Accident Attorney Do to Help?

  • File a claim on your behalf.
  • Help you find a good doctor and set up medical leins.
  • Negotiate with the train company for an acceptable settlement.
  • Take the case to trial if necessary.

We are experienced train accident attorneys. Our San Diego personal injury law firm knows the ins and outs when it comes to handling your train accident claim. Our former clients can attest to the fact that we know how to handle train accidents. If you or someone you know is involved in an accident involving a train, please contact our office for a free consultation.

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