San Diego Elder Abuse Lawyers

June 9, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

As San Diego seniors age, we will become more physically frail and less able to think and act for ourselves. In addition, we become less able to stand up to bullying or fight back if we are attacked, making the elder population extremely susceptible to being manipulated and taken advantage of, mentally, physically, and financially. Unfortunately, this happens more than we think and it most frequently happens in the home by spouses, adult children, and grandchildren.

Thousands of seniors in San Diego are abused by someone directly responsible for their care. In fact, more than half a million reports are made each year across the U.S. and millions more still go unreported.

If you or someone you know is being abused, tell someone you trust and contact a San Diego elder abuse attorney immediately to bring this abuser to justice and get compensation for all the damages done.

Be on the Lookout for Signs of San Diego Elder Abuse

January 10, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

The decision of how to best take care of your parents as they grow older is a difficult process for everyone, but these decisions can become even more problematic when taking into consideration the threat of elder abuse present in many nursing homes across the nation. Elder abuse is defined as the unfair and harmful treatment of an elderly person and can be physical, emotional, sexual, financial, or neglectful in nature.

While elder abuse can occur anywhere, these incidents are often found to happen in nursing homes, making it difficult for relatives to detect and end. As such, it is important for relatives to look for signs of both elder neglect and abuse when visiting relatives. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, different forms of abuse can result in different signs and symptoms. As such, it is important to be aware of the following signs:

  • Bruises, welts, lacerations, broken or fractured bones, sprains, and dislocations.
  • Untreated injuries in various stages of healing.
  • Sudden change in behavior in elder.
  • Caregiver’s refusal to allow visitors to see an elder alone.
  • Damage of elder’s genital area.
  • Unusual behavior and emotions not typically associated with the elder.
  • Untreated or unattended health problems.
  • Unsafe or unclean living conditions.
  • Malnourishment and poor personal hygiene.
  • Abrupt and unexplained changes in bank accounts, withdrawals, financial documents, or asset transfers.

These are just some of the many ways that elder abuse can show itself. All relatives should stay aware of any and all detrimental changes in an elder’s physical, emotional, financial, and sexual well-being as these can be brought about by various instances of elder abuse.

Elder abuse is not only committed by elders but is often perpetrated by relatives. If you believe one of your relatives is the victim of elder abuse in Southern California, the San Diego elder abuse attorneys can help you find justice and compensation for your relative. Contact our offices today for a free consultation on your case.