Studies Show Cell Phone Conversations Cause Dangerous Distractions

Driver distraction is a major cause of car accidents in San Diego and throughout the U.S., and distraction has increased over the past decade largely because cell phone use has become commonplace. Where most of the population used to make phone calls only from land lines in houses, offices, or pay phones, today 93 percent of U.S. drivers have cell phones, and far too many of them have phone conversations while behind the wheel.

Recent laws passed in California and other states have limited the use of cell phones in cars, banning acts like texting or holding the phone in one’s hand in order to use it. However, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, having a cell phone conversation even while using a hands-free device increases the risk of a crash as much as holding the cell phone in one’s hand in order to talk on it. Studies show that a person talking on any type of telecommunication device while driving is 37 percent less likely to be able to respond appropriately to sudden driving emergencies, making them four times more likely to cause an accident.

When a person is driving, his or her brain is equally distracted by a conversation, whether it’s over a hands-free device or a handheld one. Understanding what you are being told, deciding how to respond, and then speaking back into the phone may not feel particularly difficult, but every step in the process takes brainpower away from the most critical task: driving the vehicle safely.

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