Shuttle Drivers Sue SuperShuttle; Claim They Were Improperly Called “Independent Contractors”

June 16, 2018 Injury Lawyer San Diego 0

A class-action employment lawsuit was filed by current and former drivers of SuperShuttle International, Inc., a van service serving many of California’s airports (including San Diego’s Lindbergh Field), alleging that the company cheated them out of millions of dollars of wages by classifying the drivers as “independent contractors” or “franchises” instead of employees.

The suit alleges that the company, by making the designation, avoided state labor laws governing minimum wage and overtime pay and shifted the operating cost of the vehicles to the drivers, including forcing drivers to pay for the leasing and maintenance of the vehicles, their insurance coverage, and other expenses. In many cases, drivers earned less than minimum wage after expenses were deducted and were not provided meal and break periods–which would be required for employees.

The lawsuit seeks damages of “at least $100 million” and appears very similar to the claims presented by drivers for FedEx Ground. FedEx Ground recently lost that case at trial and on appeal.

If you work for a company that designates you as an “independent contractor” and you believe that you should instead be considered an employee, please contact us to discuss your rights.