Orange County Man Struck and Seriously Injured by Trains Twice in Two Weeks

A 57-year old California man faced grave injuries in an Orange County train accident as he fell onto the tracks at a station in Irvine on February 23, 2010. Ironically, the man was hit exactly two weeks before by a train in Laguna Nigel in which he got dragged 90 feet causing amputation of his wrist.

Although the man’s injuries are said to be serious, they are not life-threatening. He is also being mentally evaluated. Being struck by trains twice in two weeks indicates a heightened possibility that the man played a part in causing one or both accidents. He may have, in fact, been trying to commit suicide. However, such conclusions are premature and we have to wait for the treatment and evaluation to be completed.

Trains are extremely dangerous. They have a huge mass capable of seriously injuring or killing multiple persons at one time given the speed at which they travel and that they cannot stop quickly to avoid collisions. It is always a smart idea to give trains and trolleys wide berth and to stand back away from train tracks when trains pass.

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